Examination Cell Policy

Late B.S. Arts, Prof. N.G. Sci. & A.G. Comm. College, Sakharkherda .The Primary responsibility of the committee is conduct unit tests and other internal evaluation and publish the result on time. The Committee has a structure which includes co ordinator, and other members to control over the exam system. All the notifications issued by the University are kept in order in order to ready reference. The syllabus for the various programme also kept for the reference. The Committee prepares time tables for the test exam and publishes it three days before the commencement of exam. The committee monitors the Attendance of the students who attempts test exam and submit assignments. The list of invigilator are prepared before hand, however internal adjustment could be done.

The seating arrangement of student for the test exam is done by the office staff. Dealing with question paper is to be highly confidential. Teacher are asked to prepare the question paper for the test exam paper before hand and kept in the Examination cell. All the cases of grievances and malpractices are discussed in the regular meeting and necessary communication is made to the university. The evaluation of the test exam is made within the time and result is convey to the students on the notice board. Students can approach to the Grievance committee if they wish to. The subject teacher after the evaluation answer sheets are made available to the students which help for the transparent evaluation.

The college conducts one test in each semester. The committee papers the time table before hand collects question papers from the teacher before hand and make a necessary arrangement to conduct the test exam. After the evaluation the result is displayed on the notice board for the transparency purpose.

The internal assessment is monitor on the parameters such as class test, unit test, Assignments, quizzes, group discussion, regular attendance in the class, seminar ,Project, field visit, Industrial visit ,viva voce, wall Paper, Projects etc. The Internal Exam Committee in a way observes overall activity of the students to grade them. It helps for the smooth function of the education system. It helps for the regular guidance to the students on different educational aspects. The student is only centre point for the Committee and his or her progress is a soul aim of the committee.