Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc

1). Physical facilities:-

Students are charged for the use of Library and Laboratory that help for the expenses. Non-salary grants are allocated for the maintenance class room. The college garden is taken care of gardener under the observation of Environment Awareness and Garden committee.

The college has sufficient computer and internet connection. All computer related facilities are gives a contract for maintenance. The ICT room’s related systems are maintained also. The maintenance of UPS and the Generator is regularly done. Electrical and plumbing work is usually taking care with the help of local workers. The Institution has own web site which has a full time two in charge Teachers. It has maintained by dotcom InfoTech Pvt. Ltd Amravati, Maharashtra. There is budget is sectioned for the library and libratory by management of the institution. The college has a Gem facility for student and staff maintain by the local agency. The college has a system for waste of all types; bio-degradable, chemical and e-waste .There is special care for physically challenged student as ramp, Library, Computer Laboratory etc. The college is having Running Tract maintain regularly by local Workers.

2) Academic facilities:-

The sort facilities have adequate infrastructure including Indoor hall and the wooden court. There are different committees formed by authority having co-coordinators. Who maintain the physical and academic aspect. The college has a regular unit of N.S.S. with full time two teachers who are responsible for maintenance as well as development of the activity.

The repairing of Laboratory equipments is take care by local technical experts and non teaching staff. The central library every year on regular basic the requirement list is being formed by different HODs and gets approved by Principal of the institution. The college Library has INFLIBNET take care by the agency .All that computer related facilities and maintenance has given contract to Microheart computers, Chikhli on a yearly basis. The computer laboratory and Library is connected with LAN System. Students utilizing Computer laboratory and Library are charged during Admission process in spite of this Non Salary grant is allotted for all the maintenance of Computer Laboratory, Central Library and Classrooms. The regular cleanliness of the Classrooms, Laboratory and Library is done with the help of Non –teaching staff. The campus is having WI-Fi- Facilities for student and staff. Which is maintained by SCN Pvt. Ltd. Sakharkherda.ICT infrastructure is too maintained by the same agency.

Support Facilities: The institution has formed different comities for the smooth function and maintained of various facilities. The committees are: Time Table, Admission, Research, Sexual Harassment, Fund Development, Library, N.S.S, Website Development, Purchasing and maintenance, Sports Committees etc. There are technicians, plumbers; carpenters are deputed by management for classrooms and infrastructure in the campus. Suggestion Box is kept in the campus for all concern