NAAC Re-Accredited "A" Grade (3.02) 2nd Cycle

Conference and Book Chapter Publications

Sr. No. Name of the teacher Department Papers published in national/international conference proceedings and Chapter in Book/Books published (2016-2021)
1 Dr. Nilesh N. Gawande Principal/Administration View
2 Dr. Ravindra P. Zanke History View
3 Dr. Minal N. Gawande Home Economics View
4 Mr. Sudhir V. Jaunjal English View
5 Dr. Shyam R. Dutonde Sociology View
6 Mr. Ganesh D. Kakade Marathi View
7 Mr. Sachin R. Gawai English View
8 Dr. Prakash S. Kolhe Library and Information Science View
9 Dr. Parmeshwar R. Gaikwad Zoology View
10 Dr. Pradeep P. Thakare Commerce View
11 Mr. Ashish G. Barde Physical Education View
12 Dr. Rajesh P. Kitke Commerce View
13 Dr. Sagar S. Gawai Marathi View
14 Dr. Prashant R. Mahalle Chemistry View
15 Dr. Arun S. Ghayal Commerce View
16 Dr. Raju V. Popalghat Hindi View
17 Dr. Rajesh V. Chaurpagar Pali and Prakrit View
18 Dr. Nilesh P. Tale Chemistry View
19 Dr. Vishal R. Panse Physics View
20 Mr. Pravin S. Shimbre English View
21 Mr. Sandip R. Nagmote Zoology View
22 Dr. Chandrakant S. Khodre Mathematics View