The college has independent and huge library building comprising of many valuable books. It has separate reading room for students and staff.

Rules of library

  • Students are advised to be the member of library every academic year.
  • Each students shall get one text and one supplementary book at a time.
  • The adapted students may get two more additional books.
  • Students are suggested to return the library book within seven days otherwise he or she will be fined per day.
  • Students are required to show their identity card at the time of transactions.
  • Students are prohibited to write anything or to underline any word or sentence with a pen in the book, if found the student will have to undergo the punishment declared by the library advisory committee.
  • Students are prohibited to tear out any page from the book, if found will be entitled the punishment.
  • Students should not enter the library without identity card. It is strictly prohibited to take any library book outside the library without prior permission of the librarian.
  • To be rude with the library staff or to disobey and to be indisciplined will not be tolerated and library service will not be provided to him or her thereafter.
  • Complaints if any should be intimated to the library staff.
  • There is a separate arrangement of books of competitive Examinations.