Department of Chemistry


1. Minor Research Project:

Principal Investigator Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount (In Rs. Lakh)
Dr. P. R. Mahalle Studies in the Synthesis and Structural Chemistry of Pyrimidine based Metal Complexes involving Multi Component Reactions UGC-WRO 3,45,000/-

2. Ph.D

Name of the Teaching Staff Title of the Ph.D Year of Award
Dr. P. R. Mahalle Studies in the Synthesis of N-Galactosylated Thioamides and Related compounds Feb-2010
Dr. N. P. Tale New Methods In Organic Synthesis For Functional Group Transformations And Heterocycles Synthesis April-2012

Research Publications in Journals:

1. Dr. P. R. Mahalle

S.N. Authors Title Publication Vol. No. Pages Year
1 Mahalle, PR; Korpe, GV; Deshmukh, SP; New N-Galactosides: Synthesis Of N-Galactosylated Thiocarbamides, Benzothiazolyl Thiocarbamides And Thiocarbamates Jour. Of Ind. Chem.Soc. 85 9 953-958 2008
2 Mahalle, PR; Deshmukh, SP; Synthesis Of N-Galactosylated Isodithiobiurets Jour. Of Ind. Chem.Soc. 85 7 742-745 2008
3 Mahalle, PR; Korpe, GV; Deshmukh, SP; Synthesis Of N-Glycosyl Thiadiazines Ind. Jour. Of Heter.Cy.Chem. 18 2 161-164 2008
4 Mahalle, Pr; Deshmukh, Sp; Antimicrobial Activities Of N- Galactosylated Thiocarbamides Int. J. Chem. Sci., 6 4 2045-2051 2008
5 Mahalle, PR; Khaty, NT; Synthesis Of Some Bromo-Substituted 3-Aroyl Flavanones And Flavones E- Journal Of Chemistry 7 4 1359-1361 2010
6 Mahalle, PR; Deshmukh, SP; Synthesis And Antimicrobial Studies Of Some Bis-Glycosyl Isodithiobiurets E- Journal Of Chemistry 7 3 795-798 2010
7 Mahalle, PR; Shah, RC; Elucidation Of Structure And Electrical Characterization Of Agcl Doped Polystyrene Nanocomposite Films At Different Temperatures Int. J. Adv. Mater. Sci. 3 2 179-186 2011
8 Mahalle, PR; Deshmukh, SP; Antimicrobial Activities Of Novel N-Galactopyranosides Int. Jour. Of Pharm. & Pharm.Sci. 3 4 277-279 2011
9 Mahalle, P R; Deshmukh, S P; Antimicrobial Activities Of Some Arylimino N- Galactopyranosyl Dithiazolidines Rasayan J. Chem; 6 2 143-146 2013
10 Mahalle, PR; Analysis Of Physico-Chemical Parametes And Ground Water Quality Of Sakharkherda Village Of Buldana District, Maharashtra India Int. J. Chem. And App. 6 1 55-59 2014
11 Mahalle, PR; Green Chemistry: Applications Of Naturally Occurring Materials To Replace Harmful Chemical Compounds Int. Jour.Of Chem.& Phy.Sci. 4 Spl. Iss 496-498 2015
12 Mahalle P R; Antimicrobial Activities Of 2 - Phenylimino - 3 - Aryl-4 - S - Benzyl - 6 - Tetra - O - Acetyl -Î’ - D - Galactosylimino - 2, 3 - Dihydro - 1, 3, 5 - Thiadiazine (Hydrochlorides) Der Pharma Chemica, 9 10 120-122 2017
13 Mahalle P R Review on Recent Developments and Applications in Green Nanocomposites Printing Area: Interdisciplinary Multilingual Refereed Journal Spl issue Spl issue 152-154 2017
14 Mahalle P R A Review On Synthetic Utilities Of Galactosyl Derivatives In Carbohydrate Chemistry International Journal Of Current Engineering And Scientific Research (IJCESR) 5 1 144-147 2018
16 Mahalle P R; Study of Chemistry: Social relation, Ethics and Myths International Research Fellow Association’s Research Journey Swatidhan Publications 182 (G) ISSN – 2348-7143 43-46 2019
17 Mahalle P R;
Gomase PB;
The impact of Science and Technology on Human Rights in the Current Scenario International Research Fellow Association’s Research Journey Swatidhan Publications 182 (G) ISSN – 2348-7143 123-125 2019

2. Dr. N. P. Tale

S.N. Authors Title Publication Vol. Pages No. Year
1 Nilesh P. Tale,Sandeep V.Shinde Environmentally benign synthesis of 9- aryl-1-8 dioxo-octahydroxanthene OCAIJ 4 9-11 2008
2 Nilesh P. Tale, Nandkishor N. Karade,Sumit V. Gampawar. Mild and Efficient oxidative Aromatization of 4- Substituted -1,4-dihydropyrimidines Using (Diacetoxyiodo)benzene Journal of Heterocyclic chemistry 47 740 2010
3 Nilesh P. Tale, G. B. Tiwari. Nandkishor N.Karade Un –catalyzed tandem Knoevenagel –Michael reaction for the synthesis of 4,4’-(arylmethylene)bis (1H-pyrazol-5-ols) in aqueous medium. Chinese Chemical Letters 22 1415-1418 2011
4 Nilesh P. Tale, Amol V. Shelke, Nandkishor N.Karade Ceric ammonium nitrate as the novel oxidizing agent for the facile synthesis of (dichloroiodo)arenes Synthetic Communications 42 2959-2965 2012
5 Nilesh P. Tale, Sumit V.Gampawar, Nandkishor N.Karade Desss-Martin periodinane mediated oxidative aromatization of 1,3,5-trisubstituted pyrazolines Synthetic Communications 42 2617-2623 2012
6 Nilesh P. Tale, A. V. Shelke, P. B. Thorat, Nandkishor N. Karade. New concise and efficient synthesis of rubrollides C and E using intra-molecular Wittig reaction HELVETICA CHIMICA ACTA 95 852-857 2012
7 Nilesh P. Tale, A.V.Shelke , B.Y.Bhong, Nandkishor N. Karade. Regioselective chlorination at C-6 methyl position of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)- ones using (dichloroiodo)benzene Monatsh Chem 706 908 2012
8 Nilesh P. Tale, Nitin W. Waghmode, Nandkishor N. Karade. Cu(OTf)2 catalyzed regioselective N3-arylation of Biginelli 4-aryl-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one using symmetrical diaryliodonium salt IJSRST 978-93-85225-97-0 2018
9 Nilesh P. Tale Rare Earth Elements Effect the Growing Stage in Few Cultivated Plants. International Research Fellow Association’s Research Journeywatidhan Publications 182 (G) 37-38 2019