NAAC Re-Accredited "A" Grade (3.02) 2nd Cycle

Department of B.Voc.

Courses Offered

1) Bachelor of Vocation in Pharmacy Assistant :- 50 Seats

2) Bachelor of Vocation in Banking and Financial Services :- 50 Seats

3) Bachelor of Vocation in Healthcare :- 50 Seats

The B.Voc. programme is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles and their National Occupational Standards (NOSs) along with broad based general education. This would enable the graduates completing B.Voc. to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge

Under the National Skills Development Corporation, many Sector Skill Councils representing respective industries have/are being established. One of the mandates of Sector Skill Councils is to develop National Occupational Standards (NOSs) for various job roles in their respective industries. It is important to embed the competencies required for specific job roles in the higher education system for creating employable graduates

The B. Voc. Programme is a judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of General Education. It ensures that the students have adequate knowledge and skills, so that they are work ready at each exit point of the programme. The programme provides flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points. A student will be awarded a Diploma after first year, Advanced Diploma after the second year and the B.Voc. degree after the third year of successful completion.

At the end of the first year students will be able to work as trained assistants in any project. The second year they will be able to take some independent responsibility of any project. The third year will be to train them as a professional who can take the complete responsibility of any project.


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