NAAC Re-Accredited "A" Grade (3.02) 2nd Cycle

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


The IQAC in College was established in the year 2013 according to NAAC new guidelines published by NAAC in 2013; College made the required amendments and fortified the IQAC as per the new guidelines. The college has a functional IQAC that acts as a monitoring body for maintaining the overall holistic academic excellence of the college. Quality assurance is a ongoing effort to define the objectives of an institution, to have a work plan to achieve them and to specify the checks and balances to evaluate the degree to which each of the tasks is fulfilled. Hence devotion and commitment to improvement rather than mere institutional control is the basis for devising procedures and instruments for assuring quality. The IQAC has to ensure that whatever is done in the institution for education & quality is done efficiently and effectively with high standards. In order to do this, the IQAC establish procedures and modalities to collect data and information on various aspects of institutional functioning. The IQAC derive major support from the already existing units and mechanisms that contribute to the functioning of the college. The Strategies and functions discussed so far are broad based to facilitate institutions towards academic excellence and college adapts them to their specific needs.

Dr.Vishal R.Panse

IQAC Coordinator