International Womens Day celebrated in Late B.S. Arts Prof. N.G. Science and A.G. Commerce college Sakharkherda   
National Science Day Celebrated in Late B.S. Arts Prof. N.G.Science and A. G. Commerce College Sakharkherda   
Marathi Rajbhasha Din Celebrated at Late B.S. Arts, Prof. N. G. Science and A. G. Commerce college Sakharkherda   
Late B.S. Arts Prof. N.G. Science and A.G. Commerce college Sakharkherda celebrated Marathi Official Language Day   
Foods for devotees at many places on the occasion of Gajanan Maharaj Pragat Din   
Story telling competition organized with huge Response   
Workshop on Pariksha Pe Charcha   
Teacher must develop scientific view among students.   
Advertisemnet for Non-Granted Teaching faculty   
Advertisement For Granted Teaching Faculty   
Late B.S. Arts, Prof. N. G. Science and A. G. Commerce college Sakharkherda Pay homage to Sant Gadge Baba   
Late B.S. Arts, Prof. N.G. Science and A.G. Commerce college Sakharkherda organized workshop on cyber crime. Respected Principal Dr. N.N. Gawande asserted to handle social media carefully   
Gawande college students got success   
Gawande couple created history in Amravati University elections   
Maharojgar Melava concluded at Gawande College   
Inauguration of Science association in Gawande college   
Gawande College won two golds in fencing   
One Day Workshop on CBCS and NEP in Gawande college   
True literature inspires conflict   
One Day Workshop in Gawande College   
National Sport Day in Gawande College   
Establishment of Red Ribbon Club in Gawande College   
International Literacy Day celebrated in Gawande College   
A change in diet is necessary in the era of fast food   
Soldiers felicitated at Gawande college on the occasion of Amrit Jubilee year of Independence   
August Revolution Day Celebrated in Gawande College   
P.G. Admission Notice 2022-23   
Gawande college is a Great Center of Learning   
Amravati University Outstanding Raseyo Swayamsevak Award   
Agnipath Yojana   
Notification Joint Director Higher Education Amravati Division Amravati   
Amravati University Outstanding Raseyo Swayamsevak Award   
Student should focus on skill development   
A new educational policy is needed to make the country self-reliant and self-sufficient Vice Chancellor.   
Professor Dr. Nilesh Gawande for Outstanding Service Award   
9 Students of Gawande college in Merit List   
Gawande college students got Success   
N.S.S. Day Celebrates at Gawande College   
Felicitation of Aniket Ambhore for Selection in National Volleyball Team.   
Gawande college students Got Success in National Boxing Competition.   
Tribute to Major Dhyanchand at Gawande College   
Admission Notice year 2020-2021   
Covid center at Bhaskarrao shingne college sakharkherda.   
Researchers should work for the welfare of society.   
Today International conference held at Shingane College   
Online International Conference   
There should no hike of fees in the University.   
NSS unit carried out sanitization spray in the Rural area.   
Bhaskarrao shingane College Help.   
Covid 19 Guideline   
Free Tele Counseling Helpline For Students   
It is impossible to conduct online examination due to lack of physical Facilities. Principal Dr. Nilesh Gawande.   
Annual Examination pattern should be Implemented   
Sanitizer Distribution At Chikhali   
Divya Foundation Awarded "Jijau Award " to Prof. Dr. Minal tai Gawande.   
Prof. Raju Popalghat Awarded as Ph. D. Degree   
Divya Foundation is announced "Jijau Award " to Prof. Dr. Minal tai Gawande.   
Teachers' summer vacations canceled,Teachers' Movement to Lead.   
Valedictory function of NSS at Ratali   
Convocation programme held at shingne College   
Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Phule   
Inauguration of NSS Camp at Ratali.   
Prakash Kolhe Awarded as Ph.D Degree   
Sant. Gadge Baba Gives Us Scientific Thinking:Dr.Nilesh Gawande   
Vacancies for grant-in-Aid Courses/Programmes   
Advertisement for New Recruitment   
Solve the problems of Teachers and Education   
Aids Awareness Programme in Gawande college   
Gawande college student got success in Fencing Competition   
For better Health Game is Necessary   
Inauguration of Social Science Club   
Intercollegiate Badminton Competition   
In wrestling competition Avinash Shinde Succeed   
For development of Nation Teacher take huge Effort   
Different Social useful activities carried out on the occasion of Dr. Balasaheb Gawande   
Birthday celebration Event   
For the development of Nation Student must keep Research attitude " Dr. Bobade.   
College Organised Different Programmes On the Occasion of Sport Day   
State Level Debate Competition Succeeded   
State level Debate competition at Shingane Mahavidyalaya   
AIDS Awareness campaign   
Tree plantation programme carried out at Late Bhaskarrao Shingane College   
Principal Dr.Nilesh Gawande has been felicited by Vijay Agrawal Mayor of Akola for his qualitative work in higher education.   
Grand success of our students   
Prof. Sagar Gawai Awarded as Ph.D Degree.   
Dr.Balasaheb Gawande effort got success: The work deepened and broaden the river Koradi and Bhogavati has been Sanctioned.   
Digambar Dhumale Awarded As Excellent Service Award By S.G.B.A.U. Amravati.   
Akola city is now Reconized as educational Hub.   
Enhance Research culture According to changing Educational Challenges." Murlidhar Chandekar (Vice Chancellor )   
National conference Held on 24th April 2019   
G.R. for student Admission college   
Ph.D. research center library and information science Notice   
Celebration of Science Day   
Young generation should carry further prosperous tradition of marathi language   
One day workshop on Awareness of E- Resources and searching Technique   
Social Development speech by Dr Shyam Dutonde   
Self Organizational workshop organized on Monday at Bhaskarrao Shingane College   
Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti   
Teacher should visionary about teaching as well as social welfare" Principal Dr. Bhonde.   
Notice For Student   
" Patriotism is necessary for the Service of the Nation" ......Dr. Dilip Bhujbal (S. P. Buldhana)   
Truth and non-violence are the basic elements of Gandhi's philosophy : Prof. Kolhe   
" Secularism is necessary in Politics. " Dr. Shripal Sabnis   
"Politician are pessimistic for development of Vidarbha Chatap. "   
Secularism is necessary in Politics   
The special session of the NSS was organized in Ratali   
NSS volunteers should preserve labor standards   
Savitribai Phule, Principal of Indian Women's Mukti: Dr. Shyam Dutonde   
"District level winner of our college" Name of student:- Devesh Anil Ramavat B.Com.II   
Self Completed the Competitive Examination Guidance Workshop in Bhaskarrao Shinge College   
Gawande College Player's Selection at university   
Greetings on the occasion of Mahaparinwan   
Greetings to Mahatma fule at Shinge Arts College   
Celebrating Constitution Day at Gawande College   
National Unity Day at Gawande Mahavidyalaya   
Voter public awareness workshop concluded   
Mantra of hard work and success: M. Sarang Pardeshi   
Bhaskarrao Shinge greetings on behalf of Smurti Din   
Shingane College Students University Wrestling Association   
College students of the Inter college wrestling championship   
Competition Examination, Personality Development Workshop in Gawande College   
Establishment of study board at Gawande College   
University Award   
Dr. Dutonde received the best program officer award   
Bhaskarrao Shingne Arts College's Best Raseyo Squad Award   
Students of Metro City will be more competent than students   
At the 47th anniversary function, Professor Dr. Balasaheb Gawande's rendition   
Media News   
University level poster competition