Student Centric Activity


        Experiential Learning Activities       

        Participative Learning Activities       

        Problem Solving Activities       

Late B.S. Arts, Prof N.G.Sci. & A.G.Comm. College, Sakharkherda is an institute located at rural area. The college has aim of all-round development of the student who lives in very remote area. The educational curriculum prescribes by the Sant Gadge Baba Amravati university advised student centric approach of the education and the institute follow the same pattern. The departments of College follow the strategies invariably to make learning more students centric and ensure effective learning.

Experiential Teaching Learning:

Experiential learning is learning through experience. Our institute includes experiential learning for all the students. For Science students’ experiential learning happens through laboratory work, problem solving sessions, project work, filed visit /study tours ,seminars.
For Arts students, study tours visits, seminars, elocution competitions, debates, quizzes are organized for gaining experiential learning.
For commerce students, financial literacy workshop ,cashless transaction awareness program, field visit/ study tour are organized to get insight of the working thereby gaining experience. The institute as a part of participative learning celebrates Vachan Prarna Din by the Library Dept.
Participation of students in the organizing committee of various events such as Constitution day,National voter’s day, Women’s day, Literary Day, Marathi Bhasha Din etc.

Participative learning :

This is one of the best student-centric learning method, in which students actively participated in activitieslikes participation in debate, Class Seminar, Quiz, University level Drama/Mimes,Dance, Essay Competition, Study forum, Poster competition, wall paper writing such as“spandan” , Social Survey (UBA Village & Household Survey), Research project, E-Chaupal,Avishkar, Field visit, Meditation etc. are being conducted in the college along with regularteaching.

Participative learning :

Problem solving methodologies are intended to make the students take responsibilities, solve problems, resolve conflicts and find alternatives. It helps to develop critical thinking, creativity and scientific temperament.
Department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Commerce generally conduct problem solving sessions to make students understand and solve problems in different ways which indirectly help them learn the life skill of problem solving.
Expert guidance lectures on various subjects are organized by various departments. Lectures through video conferencing are also organized by zoom app. Seminars using power point presentations are conducted by various departments.