Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The students admitted to First year or second year of the Bachelor Degree Course in the College  shall be eligible for admission to the certificate Course.

  2. The student who has passed certificate course in the related subject and admitted to second year or  third year of Bachelor Degree course in the college shall be eligible for admission to the Diploma  course.

  3. The student who has passed Diploma course in the related subject and admitted to third year of the  Bachelor Degree Course shall be eligible for admission to the Advanced Diploma course. Bonafide  students from other colleges folfilling the above criteria are liable to take admission in these  courses on merit basis if the seats are available.


Human rights is essential aspect of human life. Students must be aware about this therefore we have following courses in said stream.

Sr. No
Name Of the Course Eligibility
Certificate Course in Human Rights Education Students of B. A. with Political Science as optional subject
Foundation Course in Human Rights Education Students of B. A. with Sociology as optional Subject

Note: For details Students shoold contact respective Course Co-ordinator.

Eligibility for Admission:

1. B. A. I / B. Sc. I / B. Com-I :
The students shoold Have Passed H.S.C. (XII) exam of M.S. Board/ CBSE Board/ICSE or any other equivalent recognized by SGB Amravati University in the relevant subjects.

2. B. A. II / B. Sc. II / B. Com. II :
The students having passed B. A. I/ B.Sc.-I/ B. Com-I exam of S.G.B. Amravati University or any other examination recognized as equivalent by S.G.B. Amravati University. Also, Students who have passed the B.A. I exam as external candidate or those who have got A.T. K.T. concession can seek admission to B. A. II class as per the roles of SGB Amravati University.

3. B. A. III / B. Sc. III / B. Com. III:
The students must have cleared B. A. I/ B. Sc. I/ B. Com-I examination also B. A. II/B. Sc. II/B. Com. II examination. Students those who have got A.T. K.T. concession can seek admission to B. A. III/B. Sc. III/B.Com.III respectively as per the roles of SGB Amravati University.

Note :
  • The students will have to offer the same optional subjects at part II and Part III exams which they had ofered at Part I.

  • The students seeking admission to part I shoold apply to the college office in the prescribed form attached herewith. They shoold enclose the following certificates along with the prescribed form.

    1. Original Leaving / Transfer certificate of the School / college last attended and its true copy.

    2. Original marklist of the qualifying exam. and it’s true copy.

    3. Original Character certificate issue by the Head of the institution last attended and its true copy.

  • Original Character certificate issued by a respectable and responsible person if the student has passed the qualifying exam as an external candidate.

    1. If the income of the student’s guardian is below Rs. 01,00,000/-, he shoold submit the application form for fees concession and income certificate along with the net fees payable to the college office.

    2. The students who have passed the qualifying examination from the Board / University other than M.S. Board of secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune, Amravati University, Amravati will have to pay Rs. 100/ - as Mirgration fee for admission to Amravati University. The Migration certificate of the eariler Board / University shoold be submitted to the college office up to the 15th of September.

    3. The students of the other colleges (affiliated to S.G.B. Amravati University) who seek admission to the higher class of the college, after having passed the earlier examination, shoold submit the Original Transfer certificate of the earlier college. If the student seeks mid-session admission to this College he is required to submit the following certificates. Receipts of fees paid in the earlier College, Certificates indicating the subjects offered, subjectwise attendance, University enrolment number, Marklist and so on.

    4.   All the students who have passed the H.S.C. exam and who have sought admission to the first year degree course must submit the University enrolment form doly filled in within the due date. The students who have passed / failed the earlier University exam as external candidates and who have sought admission to this college as regolar college students are also required to submit the University enrolment forms doly filled in. If the enrolment forms are not submitted within due date, their admissions will stand cancelled.

  • ¬† The students will be admitted to this college according to merit list.

  • ¬† The college Admission committee will monitor the admission process.

  • ¬† As regards admissions, the final authority rests with the Principal.

  • ¬† Attendance: In order to be able to appear at the University exam, it is essential that each and every¬†student shoold have at least 75% attendance in the periods of every subject. The absentees will be fined at the rate of 50 paise per period. The fine for remaining absentees for Practicals / Physical training / Tutorials will be Rs. One per period.

  • ¬†¬† Examinations: Apart from University exams the following exams will be conducted by the college.

  • Unit Test (First unit test in the first term, second unit test in the second term.)

  • First Terminal Exam (Normally in the first week of October).

  • Second Terminal Exam (In the month of February). The absentees as well as those who secure less than 20% marks will be penalized with fine. The performance of students in these examinations will be taken into consideration while giving them concessions and aids. The progress of students, their conduct shoold be up to the level of satisfaction.

  • The academic session will commence from the 15th June.

  • The duration of the Senior college classes will be from 08:10 am to 5:50 pm.

  • All the classes will be conducted regolarly and punctually from the 15th June.

  • The college development fund will be utilized for maintenance, security, payment of electrical charges and so on. These heads of expenditure are non grantable. This fund will be also be utilized for other heads of expenditure for which the government does not provide any grants.

  • Medical Checkup: The degree college students will have to undergo medical checkup once a year as a precautionary measure. The absentees during this check up will be penalized.